History of  Our Parent Company Thanatkorn International Co., Ltd. Thailand.

History of  our parent company Thanatkorn International Co., Ltd.,  a Thai Company Was registered on February 23 , 2009 , which launched the mosquito coil products Ranger Scout Kwannoi on November 3, 2009 in Cambodia with Mr. Thanat Thanaboriboon as the founder. And is an experienced about consumer products in the Southeast Asian Market for more than 30 years, in just 9 years.

“ We focus on products that are Innovative, quality and efficient.
It also
takes into account the environment, safety and consumer need”

Until it is trusted by many countries such as

.Year 2009 launched Cambodia    .Year 2010 began selling in Thailand   .Year 2016 begins saturated Vietnam.

Mosquito coils Ranger Scout Low Smoke has been patented intellectual property

by Thanatkorn International Co., Ltd. Thailand.

Mosquito coils Ranger Scout, Low smoke, different from general mosquito coil. Because it is made from bamboo charcoal this makes the smoke come out many times less than conventional mosquito coils.  This low smoke will reduce the problem of interference from smoke while using mosquito coils. So it does not irritate the eyes and harmful to the respiratory system, such as pneumonia and lung cancer.

Khorn Thanat (Combodia) Co., Ltd

2009 Started Business

We started our Business operations in cambodia since the Year 2009

2009 Appointed Distributor

Initially we had appointed a distributor in Cambodia to run our Business

2015 Own Team

In the year 2015, We established our business by setting up our own team