Pao Pao Jumbo Pack

Pao Pao Every Mom’s choice!

  • Pao Pao Baby Pants are made with super soft and ultra- thin breathable sheet materials.
  • our diaper has the Super absorbent polymer technology ( SAP) which helps absorb the wetness and prevent leaks, which makes baby more comfortable to move around
  • It can absorb upto 600 ml of urine and keep the baby skin dry.
  • keeps baby’s delicate skin safe and protected from diaper rashes
  • Pao Pao Diaper gives all around protection to your baby make active and peacefull sleep
  • A thai Product

Size Chart and quantity

Small ( S ) Medium ( M ) Large ( L ) Extra Large ( XL ) 2 x Extra Large ( XXL )
4-8 Kgs
6-11 Kgs
9-14 kgs
12-17 kgs
15-25 kgs
66 pcs / pack
60 pcs / pack
54 pcs / pack
48 pcs / pack
42 pcs / pack
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